The Positive Accountant - Vol 3 Ed 2

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

So Dr Seuss's most famous character (no, not the Cat with the Hat) has come to life and stolen Christmas for many people, that's so very sad.

And it comes so close after the hope of the vaccine rollout bringing life back to normal.

Of course, it comes on the back on so many reassurances that Christmas wouldn't be cancelled, that there wouldn't be a second lockdown, that schools wouldn't close, and so the list goes on.

On the back of that, what do we make of the reported statement from Boris that he can't rule out a third lockdown ?

Northern Ireland goes into a six week lockdown on Boxing Day.

Wales is on lockdown from midnight

Scotland goes into Tier 4 on Boxing Day - effectively a lockdown.

I'm not a betting man, but were I to be I know where my money would be going so far as England is concerned.

I'm keeping a watchful eye open for more business support schemes on the back of this announcement, especially for retailers now forced to close with the shelves full of Christmas stock.

There must be some positives today ?

Furlough extended (again) - For reasons that I've previously explained, it isn't a positive in our household. But the current flexible furlough, at current limits has been extended. It was due to run out in March, it's been pushed to end April now.

Think about that - every time furlough has been extended before it has happened at the eleventh hour, just as the scheme was about to expire. This is three months hence.

Does the Chancellor know something that we don't ?

VAT Deferral Extended - Just as a reminder, the VAT bill that would have been due between 20th March and 30th June this year could have been deferred without telling HMRC.

If you deferred it, it became due end March 2021. That seemed great at the time but, of course, that date isn't so very far away now.

What is new is that if the thought of finding the money is causing sleepless nights then there is good news, a new scheme has been launched for this to be paid, interest free, in up to 11 monthly instalments, the last one to be cleared by 31st March 2022.

The method to do this isn't open yet, but it does have to be applied for by the taxpayer (not the accountant). Details can be found at

Toy Story is a true story - you might remember from childhood the stories of toys coming to life when the children go to sleep - and having to make sure they were back were they were left before the children woke up.

I suppose it's easy for toys to do that in a toy box in a bedroom. Our toys are in the front garden and I think they may have nearly been spotted the other night. When I went to sleep Elsa certainly wasn't canoodling with Scooby, and they must have a riotous time turning Santa's car upside down (see below)

Stay safe, stay positive.


What were they up to ?

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