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The Positive Accountant is reading a book

Right, hold it right there...

...Reading a book ? As in a physical collection of paper bound together which isn't a set of accounts nor a tax report of some description?

Yep, a book.

You see, for the first time in forever, we went on holiday (Barbados, since you ask. It was lovely. Want to see some photos ? Ok, no worries).

And as we were walking through the departure lounge killing time there was a bookshop. (Remember ? It's a physical enclosure filled with multiple copies of the same book for you to purchase. A bit like normal buying something except you walk off with it rather than getting it delivered to your door 24 hours later)

And there it was - a brilliantly coloured book with the word 'Tax' in the title - Taxtopia. Perfect for holiday reading.

It could be autobiographical, there are a number of similarities in the unknown author's experiences to mine, but also enough major differences to reassure me that I didn't write it in my sleep...

It's a good read as it reminds me that more often than not the tax dodges that we yearn for are only really open for the super-wealthy, or in more cases than I care to think about, the super-crooked. And reassuring therefore that I'm not missing a trick.

Back home I'm finishing it off, and enjoying it so much I need another copy as the pages are now stuck together *

<a target="_blank" href="">Taxtopia</a>

* I ought to explain before anyone gets the wrong idea, I was reading it whilst drinking a rum punch and tipped the glass over.

Talking about being back home, we've swapped Caribbean sunshine for British rain. Amongst the raindrops I saw some coins falling. Guess that's climate change.

Better go...


5 August 2023

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