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The purpose of the  (not so) Secret Diary

This site was born during lockdown.  


The blog posts were daily emails sent to clients trying to engender a sense of positivity around all the madness happening at the time.  They developed a life of their own and then became a blog, they are all preserved here for posterity.


In 2023 the site's purpose is to take a light hearted, maybe superficial but easily digestible look at what is happening in the world of tax, finance, accounting and business.

You've no doubt got some burning questions, let's get them out of the way....

- Yes this is my real name

- No I didn't write the book

- No I'm not 13 3/4

- No (to my knowledge) I've never slept with anyone called Pandora

Boringly I am a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser, more interestingly I hold a private pilot's licence, am a qualified Ballroom Dance instructor and a keen scuba diver.  


01284 845120

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