The Positive Accountant - Vol 3 Ed 1

So, vaccines are around the corner, that's got to be good news. We can start thinking about life getting back to normal, whatever that is.

Or, as pointed out to me this afternoon, we're getting there. Wherever there is. One definition is hideously in debt for the next several generations.

Just an observation about numbers - I'm an accountant after all. The Government claim to have contracts for 275 million doses, and it takes two doses per person to be immunised. That means there is enough for 137.5m people immunised. Someone remind me of the UK's population ?

Maybe we'll see vaccines in the 'surplus stock' section of eBay soon...

Leaving that aside, what are my positives today:-

It was only a small short circuit - You'll recognise the scenario, you're about to pull into your driveway when you suddenly realise that your 15 foot high candy cane archway is down and blocking it.

I've spent many a 'happy' hour in December in the cold, dark and wet working out which carrier bag has leaked and which extension lead is shorting. Luckily tonight's was easily found and quickly rectified. The garden looks as tasteful as ever. I've been asked for more pictures, so there's a another at the bottom.

(Apologies to any electricians reading this having small heart attacks...)

This wasn't my typo - I was with a client today and was shown a CV for a job applicant. The job is a PA, the CV reads really well. Claims to have good attention to detail, reliable, discrete. At home dealing with personal and sensitive issues and all matters 'arsing'.

I suppose you can't get much more personal and sensitive than that.

Sadly it's blown the chance of an interview. Interestingly, spellcheck doesn't pick it up.

Stay safe, stay positive.


One of this year's additions.

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