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The Positive Accountant Vol 2 Ed 9

Updated: Aug 5

Firstly, I need to clarify something about last night's posting.  The picture of the suit was downloaded off the internet, it is not from my wardrobe.  I have to say that, as one eagle eyed reader thought it was a Marks and Spencer garment.  

Nothing against M&S, but it's not my normal 'style'.  That being the case, though, Jacqui from Felixstowe thought I'd doubled its value by finding £20 in the pocket.

On a separate note, I've been impressed by how many people are recalling previous stories and trying to make new connections.  In answer to 'Was it Roger the Robin who found Harry's driving licence ?' (Vol 1 Ed 34), the answer is no, but I wish I'd thought of that when writing about it !

If you want to catch up on those previous editions they are at

What are my positives today:-:

1.Some politicians will be safe

A big feature of the news this week is how statues of people considered worthy in their day are not welcome in today's climate.

I think we can safely say, though, that no statue of, let's say,  Tony Blair, will ever be pulled down.  I'll leave you to speculate why that might be.

2. More banks have rolled out the bounce back loans

There are couple of pieces of good news about bounceback loans.

One is that some banks are now accepting new customers in order for them to apply for the loans (originally it was the existing bank only - a problem for those who bank with banks not offering bounce backs)

Secondly there are some new lenders this week - Metrobank, Paragon and - one that I'm sure was eagerly waited for - JCB Finance.

3. David hasn't Unsubscribed

I was a little surprised to be told my email system this morning that David had unsubscribed.  Especially as we'd spoken on Friday and he'd told me how much he enjoyed reading these blogs.

So I checked with him.  It turned out he'd been reading it in the dark without his glasses and had closed his phone down by pressing a button at random as a 'stab in the dark'

On my next email I shall add a link that says 'click here to transfer entire bank account contents to....'  You know, just in case...

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive


07917 338342

Sorting a few things out, Debbie came across this redundant security device from a well known bank.   She asked me to destroy it, so wearing my best Warrior Accountant face, I tried.  This is the best I could do.  Where's there a cow when you need one ?

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