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The Positive Accountant Vol 2 Ed 5

Updated: Aug 5

Apologies for the need to send the 'Software Error' email out a little while ago - it has created some smiles though.  

More than severalof you pointed out the unlikely suggestion that I'd been doing some housekeeping...all I will say in response is please may I refer you to Vol 1 Ed 6 where I canclearly be seendoing some Dysoning.

And, sorry to those who requested it, I cannot as easily arrange deletion of your files from HMRC's systems.

On to more serious matters, there is a need to clarify what is happening with the new furlough scheme coming in on 1st July.  Last Friday's announcements suggested that for someone to be included in a furlough scheme in the future, they had to be part of a valid furlough claim at 30th June.  

It is now clear that what was meant was that to be in a furlough scheme after 1st July, the person needs to have been furloughed on or before 10th June, but they don't need to actually be furloughed at that date.  So someone who was furloughed in April is fine to be furloughed again, even if they have been back to work since.

And on the subject of 'boring but important' stuff, if you are looking to make thefirst self employed grant claim (the SEISS) it must be made by 13th July. I've been with a client today who had simply filed the papers  thinking they weren't for them.  They go to bed £15,000 richer

If you missed the Dyson picture, it can be found, along with others, at

What are my positives today:-:

1. Zoom is great

Last night I said I was trialling using Loom.  Trial ended, I didn't like the fact that to get a video secure it needs the recipient to have an account with them.  I reckon we've all got too many passwords and accounts already ...

But, it gave me the idea of using Zoom, recording a meeting with myself (no comments please) and sending links to that instead.  Zoom doesn't require a separate account to be secure.  So I'm trying that out as a mechanism instead.

2. Iris Software didn't write the nuclear launch sequence

Rick was one of my 'deleted clients' above and pointed out that if they had, and they lost the contract we'd all end up vaporised.

Imagine the e-mail

'Dear Vladimir,

we have deleted Moscow,

yours sincerely

HM Government'

3. Warrior Accountants are launched

I really think the 'thought leaders' on my profession need to get out more.

Today I had an email from the newly installed President of my Institute calling for us all to become 'Warrior Accountants'.  I mean, really ?

What have I been talking to clients about today ?  

The new normality - Last night I started saying how we were going to adapt as a business to the 'new normal'.  That was welcomed and I've been asked to carry on, so here goes.

- We plan to reopen our office. However, it can be cosy.  With that in mind I'm emulating Facebook and Twitter - mandating working from home as the new normal.  In other words the office becomes a tool (better scanning, a meeting place, a secure store for physical records) rather than a necessary base.  

Our office is serviced, reception is manned from 9-5 regardless of whether we are there or not, so things can be picked up/dropped off.

The building itself - ie reception -  is planned to be open from 1st July.

- Change in phone numbers- we're all a bit more cost conscious now, so we've turned off our 0845 number (it served us well in its day).  Instead our main business number is now01284 845120(currently diverting to my mobile 07917 338342 - always the best number to get me on anyway)

It's the weekend, enjoy ! I know I was an edition short this week so have a weekend edition planned, with an interesting 'real life' story in it.  (Don't worry, no readers feature in it)

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive


07917 338342

Please - if you do read this far and feel inspired to forward it to anyone and everyone, please do so.    

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