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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 44

Updated: Aug 5

Is it just me that has noticed the similarity between what we’re living through and Game of Thrones ?

Before I carry on, let me be clear that I mean no disrespect for the Monarchy, I’m aiming my comments at the politicians....who frankly deserve it.

Let’s start with the obvious - ‘Winter is coming’. Whether literally or metaphorically really doesn’t matter...

The real enemy of everyone are the Whitewalkers, the only thing that can kill a Whitewalker is Dragonglass, a rare and powerful vaccine if ever there was one !

There’s a King in the North, that would be Andy Burnham. Let’s hope his head doesn’t end up on a pike.

North of the wall we have the Wildlings, led by an inspirational savage. Hello Scotland !

Over a series run of circa ten years there were five monarchs. The same number over the same period as we have had Prime Ministers (that has you counting, you need to start with Tony Blair)

There is an intelligent, scheming, Rasputin-like Hand of the King, Tyrion Lannister. Who in one of the episodes took a carriage ride to Winterfell to test his eyesight. Or maybe I dreamed that last point.

Across the Narrow Sea live the feared Dothraki, admired by some, feared by many. A bit like the EU

Let’s not forget the golf loving Mad King. Seems to me that ‘Burn them all’ has the same alliteration as ‘Lock Her Up’. He came to a sticky end when his bodyguard stabbed him in the back - which maybe is an omen. Mind you, his attractive power mad daughter then challenged for the throne and invaded successive countries armed with three Dragons. Which we doubtless have to look forward to...

Ah yes, lots of kings’ bastards around. I think there’s more than a few bastards in politics today.

You see my point ?

if you spot any further similarities (I’m sure there are loads !) drop me a line

On that note, what are my positives today ?

1. We have the new Job Support Scheme

As most will know, the furlough scheme comes to an end at the end of this month, then we have the all new, all singing all dancing Job Support Scheme

The rules look reasonably simple, employee works at least 1/3rd of their normal hours and gets paid for them. Of the shortfall compared to normal contractual hours, the employer pays 1/3rd, HMRC pay 1/3rd and the employee loses out by 1/3rd

As ever the dragon is in the detail...but here are two big changes that apply compared to furlough:-

1. During the period that the scheme is in place for an employee, that employee cannot be made redundant nor put on notice of being made redundant

2. The employer cannot top up the missing 1/3rd. There were some generous employers during furlough that paid the full 100%, you cannot do that under this system

2. Extension to our Fee Protection Policy for Furlough Investigations

Most clients have signed up to our fee protection policy, the scheme whereby an insurance company (in our case our scheme is operated by Croner) cover fees incurred in dealing with an HMRC enquiry.

The good news is that they have extended cover to include furlough claim enquiries.

Incidentally we have just seen the first of these enquiries open up. Sadly it’s a new client who moved to us a week ago and who two days later got the enquiry letter from HMRC.

3. No matter how bad the mistake, it’s unlikely to be as embarrassing as this

Goodness the first two positives have been uncharacteristically dry. So let’s lighten the tone and end today’s edition with a healthy reminder that even when you’ve made a gaffe, it’s unlikely to be as sensitive as announcing foreign pilots’ names incorrectly after a fatal plane crash shot on live TV.

It’s an old one, but American news channel KTVU, when reporting the Asiana 214 crash gave the flight crew names as:-

- Captain Sum Ting Wong

- Wi Tu Lo

- Ho Lee Fuk, and (my favourite)

- Bang Ding Ow

Apparently before going live this was fact checked with the National Transportation Safety Board...

if you don’t believe me, see the attached link

As ever, Stay safe, stay positive.

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