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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 33

Earlier this week I was talking about 'creeping freebies', the things we find ourselves just doing because they don't take long and it feels right to do it without charging.

I've had lots of examples given to me since.

But most interesting of all has been John, an experienced and now mostly retired business coach, who has pointed out the obvious - nobody expects these to be free, the main obstacle for charging (generally) is the business owner.

Which when you think about is true. Many businesspeople are more sensitive about pricing their own goods and services than they should be...

Mind you, he then continued to say that the creeping freebie that really winds him up is his need to comment on issues like this, and then seeing his advice in print, free of charge...

What are my positives today ?

1. David has a tax repayment

David (name changed) was over the moon to find he has a tax repayment coming his way. 'These things never happen to me' he said. 'I've never so much as won a goldfish at a fair'

So here's an idea for the Chancellor. When a taxpayer gets a repayment for the first time ever, don't worry about paying it in old fashioned money (of which the country won't have much left). Just send a cuddly toy instead.

2. Yoga on the Draining Board

This is one to test you all...

I've been sent a picture of a new sign that has been put up in a kitchen, post lockdown, as part of the reopening.

Apparently the thought was that having dirty washing up left by everyone for someone to do, anyone could but no-one did was considered a health risk. So the new sign says:-

'After using teapot, rinse in hot water and stand upside down on the draining board'

3. Harvest has started

I know many farming clients doubted that they might ever get there this year. Autumn and Winter too wet to plant, then no rain at all when the crops needed them most.

But I see fields being cut, dust clouds in the air and tractors on the road. Can't be bad.

Regular readers will recall that one of the reasons I started these publications back in March was to remind people to focus on the positives when everything around seemed to be going badly.

The media have continued, throughout the entire period, to do exactly the opposite.

However, I came across a refreshing article in the Telegraph this week. Sadly it's behind a paywall, but its worth a trial subscription for a read. See

In a nutshell the crux of the argument is that after the Spanish flu epidemic came the 1920's boom.

The only fly in the ointment was that the boom was US centred and this time round the centre is likely to be Far Eastern.

But still some really encouraging comments being brought to the fore.

Stay safe, stay positive


A summer evening walk by a freshly cut field.

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