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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 25

So here we are on the precipice of a weekend again...reflecting on the week.

Back in February, I hadn't heard of the word 'furlough'.  Yet recently daily searches for it on google (and yes, that's where I found this fact) hit 50,000 some days.  

And again the word is in the headlines.  See positives 1 and2below...

A few readers respondedto last night's reminiscences about Gordon Brown, reminding me that he was the one that put an end to boom and bust.  Just like his boss put an end to middle Eastern conflict

And I learnedthat the only time that alcohol is ever allowedin the chamber of the House of Commons is for the Chancellor during a budget speech.  You find something new out every day.

Missedanedition ?  See them at

What are my positives today ?

1. Roberta is getting a bonus

The new scheme of £1,000 to the employer who keeps staff on during November to January having been furloughedhas been good to Roberta.

Roberta gets paid £10.50 per hour and works 12hours per week.  She has been furloughedbut it's almost a dead cert that her employer will take her back and keep her on in the long term.  

You can do the maths, Roberta's average monthly pay is £504 (assuming four weeks in a month).  But the small print following Wednesday's speech tells us that in order for her employer to get the £1,000 she needs to earn an average monthly gross of at least £520 between November and January.

So she's getting a bonus of £20 per month.  It costs her employer £60 but they get £1,000 back.  

2. Frank thinks he's getting the £1,000

Frank Lee owns a runs a drilling company - Frank Lee Boring Ltd.  He is the only director, only employee and shareholder. He furloughedall of his staff - i.e. himself -  and is only now returning to work.  He thinks he is getting £1,000 for keeping himself employed.

It seems too good to be true....  We'll see whether that works when  the regulations come out in early August.

3. Home grown fruit - and time to pick it

The season has obviously been kind to fruit trees and bushes, look what Charly found on our two currantsofcolour canes today.

Lastly, as it's a weekend, let's deal with last night's Pteradactyl picture ? It relates to the question:-

"Why don't you hear the Pteradactyl go to the bathroom"

Because of the silent p.

And on that note, have a great weekend, 

Stay safe, stay ositive 


07917 338342

You don't get much fresher than this.  Lizzie has gone on strike though over the damage the gooseberry bush has inflicted to her hands.

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