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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 22

Updated: Aug 5

It's time for countdown - and I don't mean the one with Carol Vorderman....

What I'm referring to is the amount of time left until the claim for the first Self EmployedIncome Support Scheme ('SEISS) grant is over.  If you haven't claimedby 13th July (6 days time) it's too late.

Then focus can switch to the second SEISS claim which is basedon 60% of your average self employedincome, open for claiming in August.

One important point - to have claimedfor version 1 of the claim your business had to have been affectedby Covid 19 and its implications.  Eg having to shield, having to close in full or part etc.

To claim for the second grant your business has to have been adversely affectedon or after 14th July. So it's perfectly possible to have been able to qualify for the first grant but not the second,  and perfectly possible to qualify for the second but not the first.

(And for completeness, perfectly possible to qualify for both or neither !)

Missedanedition ?  See them at

What are my positives today:-:

1. Tomorrow's the Day.

Some are billing it an emergency budget, but officially it's an emergency statement to the Commons.  Lots of thoughts are swilling around the internet, we'll know more by this time tomorrow night.

I referredto the Chancellor as being an anonymous character at the start of the year, and now arguably the most powerful man in Government (not counting Cummings).  What I hadn't realisedis that he only became an MP in2015.  

2. Real media still exists

I had to smile at a picture in Sunday's Observer.  I was going to point it out this week as a 'life returning to normal' story.  

But on finding the story on the internet I found the picture is changedin a1984fashion.

The story and picture can be found at

But if you can get hold of the original and find page 4 there is a different version of the picture in hardcopy.  

The lady in the front row (slightly hidden on the internet version) is obsessedwith her phone, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she is taking a picture rather than swiping right on Tinder.

But the angelic (per the Internet version) little boy in the middle pews looks to me like he has his finger up his nose in the physical version...

So life really is returning to normal.  

All best wishes to the couple concerned.

3.  Our Office is Open

Great news, the building officially reopenedthis week.

As mentionedbefore, we won't be having suite mannedall the time, but because it's a servicedoffice, reception is available  for dropping off/picking things up.  As a couple of people found out today already.

There's a permanent change of phone number, the 0845 is now completely turnedoff, either use 01284 845020 or 07917 338342.

Stay safe, stay positive 


07917 338342

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