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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 21

So how was Super Saturday for you ?

Did you get a hair cut ?  Go for a beer ?  Pop to a restaurant ?

Or stay at home shaking your head at the folly of it all ?

I see Boris is surprisedthat alcohol and responsible social distancing behaviour don't go hand in hand.  Was he the only one who didn't see that coming ?  

As someone quite keen not to see it get 'stuffedup', I nonetheless am surprisedto see quite how far we've changedour behaviours.  I met someone today who had an envelope to give to me .  She asked'Are you OK if I hold the envelope at arm's length by the corner ?  Or would you rather I put it on the floor and walkedaway'

I didn't want to admit that thanks to lockdown if I bent down I might not make it back up again...

Missedanedition ?  See them at

What are my positives today:-:

1. Grants for Culture.

It's quite clear that unless something drastic happens, many of the arts centres that we think of as central to our lives won't be reopening.  That's local (eg Bury's Theatre Royal) right the way through to the West End.

So it's good to see some money being made available to keep this sector afloat.  After all, the country's in so much debt anyway, what's a another few billion ?

2. Is there a stamp duty cut coming ?

Nobody used to worry about stamp duty.  It always usedto just be a few hundredpounds to go in the transaction costs when moving, normally it was a fraction of the legal costs.

Then it startedcreeping upwards.  .  Suffolk has an average house price of £280,000, that gives a stamp duty cost of £4,000.   That focuses the mind a bit, it's more than an MP would spend ontwofloating duck houses, although it is probablystilla fraction of the legal costs ....

There is rumour of a holiday coming.  That will be welcome and will prop up the housing sector.  

3.  'Emergency Budget' on Wednesday ?

One of the heroes of this crisis is Rishi Sunak.  Anonymous at the start of the year he has made radical decisions very quickly, communicatedthem clearly  and seems so far to have steereda safe course.  Albeit by kicking a very large can of debt a very long way down the road.

On Wednesday he stands up in the Commons to deliver an emergency economic statement which many are dubbing an 'emergency budget'. 

I'm looking forward to what he might have to say.  

(Sad fact - my spellcheck wants to change his name to Rich Sunk.  Perhaps my computer knows more than me)

Stay safe, stay positive 


07917 338342

'Guys, we can go to the beach now...Can we ?' 'No, Nibbles, we might meet another person.  And besides, there's no rabbits on Aldeburgh Beach'

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