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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 2

I hope you enjoyed the weekend, without feeling the urge to go and be the million and 1st person on Bournemouth beach !

In our household we didn't feel the need to find a beach, but instead spent the time discussing the implications of the furlough changes and how clients are going to manage it (goodness, it's exciting being married to an accountant, says Debbie)

The big issue that is jumping out at us is that if an employee isn't furloughed on 10th June, then they won't be able to be furloughed again.  So for those businesses who have liked to rotate furlough (eg one week on, three weeks off, giving all four employees the same 'benefit' of furloughing) this is going to need a rethink.

Did you miss all the Furlough and SEISS changes on Friday ?  They can be found at

What are my positives today:-:

1. We have fresh strawberries

So there's no Wimbledon, and no rain.  But to make summer otherwise complete we have some lovely fresh strawberries in the garden.

2. I went to the office today

That in itself isn't strictly news, I've been going in at least once a week to pick up post.  But today we actually opened it up to have a non-Zoom meeting.  As in people in the same room, without face masks.

It all felt very retro...

3.   Bury St Edmunds still exists

After going to the office I needed to find a bank that was open so drove into Bury.  Yes, for anyone who hasn't been in for a while, it still exists.  

However, pedestrians seem to have forgotten about cars, at one point I felt like a ball in the ten pin bowling alley.  Except in my case the target was moving - as in walking off the pavement directly in front of me.  I reckon I could have easily scored a Strike !

Mind you, perhaps I ought to check that I wasn't driving through the pedestrianised area before commenting.  After all, I'd only driven about fifteen miles by then so it wasn't at all clear that my eyesight was OK.

What have I been talking to clients about today ?  

Are these grants and government support taxable ?  I'm afraid so, yes.  Which makes sense given that they are there to either (a) replace lost profits (which would otherwise be taxable) or (b) reduce the wages cost that you are otherwise claiming tax relief on.

Do we have to do anything to defer the July Self Assessment bills ?  No, you just don't pay them, if they are not paid then HMRC are simply going to defer them until January.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive, be a Lert


07917 338342

It must be a good season for Roses -  all of ours are thriving

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