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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 18

My calendar tells me that next Christmas is now closer than last Christmas.  And if as much changes in life between now and then as has changed between then and now, the world will be completely unrecognisable.  

Tonight's news about Leicester puts a whole new perspective on the situation.  

Let's think about it - restaurant and bar owners would have been gearing up for the big reopening on Saturday, spending money on consumables and perishable goods, not to mention all the PPE.

Only for all of those plans to disappear.  Almost certainly not an insurable risk, at a time when the Government support packages are beginning to be scaled back.  Not wishing to downplay the human dramas, it's a business tragedy as well.

Which brings into stark relief those operating in tourist resorts - how do you encourage the visiting pound, but without the visiting virus... 

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What are my positives today:-:

1. We don't live in Leicester

I know that means that football fans have to travel further if you want to watch Premier League action....but think we'll cope

2. MTD Soft Landing period extended.

No, MTD does not stand for 'Mole's Touch Down'.  As victims, sorry, passengers, will attest, not all my landings are soft ones....

Last year the new Making Tax Digital revolution started, requiring almost all VAT registered businesses over the VAT registration threshold to make digital VAT returns.

Whilst HMRC encouraged compliance, there was a transitional period of a year - the 'soft landing' period - when no penalties were charged and at worst a letter would be sent asking for compliance going forward.

The good news is that the soft landing period - due to have ended  for quarters starting after 1st April this year - has been extended to 1st April next.

However, if you do fall into the category of someone that has taken advantage of the soft landing, be warned.  It is very likely to be a hard and painful crash landing after April 2021....

3.  The weather isn't that great

Which, if the plan is to avoid scenes like last week in Bournemouth (where was Wally ?) is a good thing.

What am I talking to clients about ?

Cashflow and debtors....At the moment, the UK economy is relatively liquid.  I know there will be some sectors strapped for cash more than others, but with Bounceback loan proceeds in the bank, furlough payments coming in, VAT deferrals and Council Tax grants, lack of cash is not a major issue.

Lack of profit certainly is - which will create cash deficiencies later down the road.

It's very easy to get complacent on chasing down debtors, I suggest that now is the time to absolutely get on top of them, chase, chase and chase some more. 

And then be vigorous about not letting customers stretch terms again in the future.

Personally, I'm not a fan of a reminder the day before a debt is due - but a reminder the day after is entirely right and proper.  Most software can do this as a matter of course, and there are debt collection apps out there - eg Chaser - that do a great job.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive 


07917 338342

The hedgerow saga continues.  Regular readers will recall the devastation wrought by what we collectively think were the Ermine Moth. Without a single leaf left, I was convinced the hedge wouldn't recover.  But it has !  

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