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The Positive Accountant - Vol 2 Ed 13

Oh dear, last night's edition put the vegan cats amongst the pigeons that don't eat vegetables.  Which I hope  hasn't offendedanyone.

As a result I had the Cabbage Appreciation Society criticising what I had said about their favourite vegetable.  Ironically that included Debbie who reminded me that the rather nice beef stir fry she cooked last night had cabbage in it...

Life's not easy being an Influencer.

Moving on to real world issues,  a reminder that if you were used to paying your VAT by Direct Debit, then cancelled it for the most recent quarter, it will remain cancelled until you reinstate.  And it was just the one quarter that was able to be deferred.

So for those who have a May quarter end who fall in this category, remember to eitherput the direct debit back in place, or pay manually- payment deadline is 7th July.

What are my positives today:-:

1.No cabbage for dinner tonight...

Not that there's anything against it !  And I'll leave it there and move on.  I expect I'll get recipes sent me now.

2. Companies House deadline extensions are easier

I've commented early on in this situation that Companies House deadlines can be extended by three months.  It is normally quite tricky to negotiate an extension, at the start of the crisis Companies House said they would look upon applications blaming the virus for the delay 'favourably.'

I needed to extend for a client today, the process has been refined so that all you need to do is tick the box next to the word COVID19.  The e-mail agreeing to the extension was in my inbox before I'd clicked the 'next page' icon.

Just remember though that the extension needs applying forbeforethe deadline has been reached.  

3.Virtual University Tours

Lizzie, our eldest, is of an age when she should be visiting Universities before applying.  I saw the schedule that she was preparing back in February.  It went something like Monday -  St Andrews, Tuesday - Exeter, Wednesday - Timbuktu and so on, spanning several weeks.  

But in our brave new world the tours are happening via Zoom.  I know it's not the same, and I do feel for her generation.  But the carbon not being burned probably equates to a degree or two of global warming !

What am I talking to clients about today ?

Going cashless.The debate continues.  We're hearing a lot about the challenger banks - the likes of Starling, Tide etc.  And how the FinTech sector is going to revolutionise how we transact.

All of which is fine until such time as you receive and want to pay in some 'real money' given they don't have real branches

The answer for many of them is that the cash can be paid over the counter at a Post Office.  But before throwing your lot in with one of these, if you think you'll receive real money, find out how you can pay it in.

Failing that there's always under the mattress, in the time honoured fashion.  I think that money kept under a mattress is tax free, it must be true as some chap told me that in a pub once.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive (and for heaven's sake don't believe the last sentence)


07917 338342

This is a pub, where high quality and incredibly reliable tax advice used to be dished out at regular intervals by a man standing at the long wooden thing called a 'bar'.  His fee would normally be a glass of what was called 'beer' This particular pub - Stowupland Crown - has the distinction of being my old Sixth Form local, recently renovated it is now a client

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