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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 9

Updated: Aug 5

Another day goes by of our rather odd, new existence.  And this new way of life is beginning to get habit forming.  I'm told by a reliable source that to become a routine something has to happen for 60 days.  We're 15% there (depending on where you count from)

One of those routines is emptying my inbox of 'Covid 19 - our plans' emails from various companies and organisations.  

One caught my eye before I deleted it, it was from a  much much larger firm of accountants, one of the larger ones in the region, the email arrived today.

It told me that they were 'making plans' as to how they can continue giving 'some degree of service' whilst working from home.  It concluded that 'we will try and maintain a service to our clients where possible'

I hope the reader is suitably reassured by this...

Remember if you've 'missed' a previous edition of my musings, they are all now available on

What are my positives today:-

1. I haven't read anything about Brexit in the papers for days now.  Which a few months ago seemed impossible.  Did we really wonder what the journalists would write about when Brexit was no longer 'the thing' ?

2.   Are we getting fitter ?   It's been pointed out  that being 'allowed' out to exercise once a day may be once more than many people have been used to !   The last couple of days I've certainly noticed a lot more families on bicycles on the road outside, and I suspect with less traffic they feel safer too.

3. We have internet 

It was only about four years ago that we - in the heart of Suffolk and less than five miles from the main exchange - couldn't get Broadband.

But then fibre was installed.  Quite how the Zoom calls we're doing, plus two children conducting live streamed lessons would work on dial up isn't worth thinking about !

One from someone else, picking up on my comments on steps yesterday, Ted from Hemingstone has pointed out that I'm lucky not to have been born a few generations ago.

"Wonder how many steps grandfather achieved behind his horse and single furrow plough ploughing his allotted acre a day, before homeward plodding his weary way."

What are the things I'm talking to clients about today:-

1. The New Guaranteed Bank Loans are proving to be controversial with clients, in that the loan application has to be submitted for normal bank funding first, only if that doesn't work does the Government guaranteed scheme come into play.  

I've spoken to a number of people today who don't feel that it does what it said on the tin when launched last week.  I'm interested to see how this pans out

2. An interesting angle has emerged of furloughing from the employees' perspective, what does it mean ?  I spent some time yesterday explaining the scheme (as far as we know) for the employers, but what about the employee ?

(a) your employment status has changed,

(b) The employer if they furlough you can pay you anywhere between 80% and 100% of your normal pay.  

(c) your pay still goes through payroll in the usual fashion, tax, pension and National Insurance are deducted 

(d) in due course the government will pay the employer 80% of your employment cost up to a maximum of £2,500 per month

(e) at the moment the government grant covers three months. 

(f) of course, your employer may bring you back before the end of the three months if work picks up

(g) no-one is really thinking beyond the end of the three month furloughed period as to what happens then.

I'm really hoping that the furlough rules are published soon, it's getting frustrating advising on speculation.

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Adrian Mole

07917 338342

I guess I asked for this, commenting on how few steps I'm doing on a daily basis.

Debbie very kindly made me a coffee but placed in out of reach (note the empty coaster in the foreground).  So I have to stand up and walk to get it.  

That's just teasing !

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