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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 8

Updated: Aug 5

I don't know about you, but I'm Confused, or should I say, Positively Confused.

Last night I thought the PM told us only to go to work if 'absolutely necessary', today we're told by the Health Secretary that those who cannot work from home should go to work 'to keep the country running'.  

I'm struggling a tiny bit to reconcile those two statements, and based on my phone calls today, I'm not the only one !

Anyway, to celebrate this daily blog making it to a week old, and in part reflecting that some readers have joined partway through the 'journey', I've quickly created a website.  When I say quickly, I mean it.   The design leaves a lot to be desired but all the previous editions are there for, ahem, posterity.

So, if you've missed an edition head over to

What are my positives today:-

1. 14 years ago, we bought some gym equipment - eBay's finest !  And now, as my number of daily steps plummets from the recommended 10,000 , we've decided to use it.

So, the packaging is removed, and it's in use.  The other positive -  it works, good because the warranty islongsince expired

2.   My mobile phone contract has unlimited calls..   Just as well as my number of minutes on the phone per day is increasing proportionately to my number of steps decreasing

It's great to be speaking to so many clients.

3. A small business is saved

I can't and won't mention its location, but a client was ready to throw in the towel on Friday.  

They were solvent, could afford to pay the redundancy bill, but were worried that by staying open the ongoing wages cost could erode their cash such that they became insolvent

The new Furloughing scheme has enabled this to happen, where the Government are paying 80% of the staff costs .  The only problem is that nobody knows how the scheme will work yet !

One from someone else

Jane has mentioned that since the dawn of aviation, there has never been such a clear blue sky with no contrails.

Keep your own positive stories coming in !

What are the things I'm talking to clients about today:-

1. The biggest issue by far remains furloughing employees, I covered how it works in yesterday's post.

It's really frustrating though - especially as we head towards payroll day - that we don't have the rules and I keep having to say, like a mantra, nobody knows how it will work yet !  

2, The New Guaranteed Bank Loans are being rolled out, I have seen details of the Natwest and Barclays ones, I'm sure the other banks' offerings are on their way if not already out there.

It seems that they are aimed at existing customers of the bank, so if you bank with XYZ Bank, it will be the XYZ Bank scheme that you apply under.  

As a generalisation, you apply for a 'normal' facility, if the bank reject you for that then they ask the question 'would we have lent prior to the crisis' ?  If the answer is yes then the guarantee scheme kicks in.  I'm sure it's not quite as simple as that but it gives you an idea.

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Adrian Mole

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