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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 5

Updated: Aug 5

The Positive Accountant - Vol 1, Ed 5

Yes, I know it's a weekend - but isn't every day is beginning to feel the same ?

Anyway, as Downton fans will recall, didn't the Dowager Countess  ask 'What's a weekend ?'

So, as I'm still an accountant, and still positive I guess I can still write this.

What are my positives today:-

1. I had an unsubscribe to these emails.  But only one !  And I've sent 4 of them out now.  Which means that everyone else must be liking them (or got an auto delete rule in their inbox...).  Result !  (Feeling v happy)

2.  I went flying today.  Sorry, I know that's horribly indulgent and insensitive when people are struggling to make ends meet, but the plane (which seven years ago cost me the same as a used Ford Fiesta) is paid for and the fuel tanks were already full.  The sky was blue and the wind was only slightly challenging.  So yes, I went flying.

Which leads me to another positive,I landed.

3. We have toilet paper.

Well look, it was going to crop (lucky the o is the other end of the keyboard to a) up sooner or later.  I don't how true the story was of the loft collapsing from the weight of someone's stockpile, but I've heard of a car being broken into for the rolls visible on the back seat.  Note to burglars, ours are hidden by an Invisibility Charm, in a cursed vault guarded by a multi headed serpent.

One from someone else- Jane of Useful Tools has told 'Our accounts are all now up to date'. Hmm, Jane, I thought they always were ...

It might be a Saturday, but I've still been having discussions with clients - here are a couple more common concerns and issues that I'm talking to clients about.

1.How is all this Government help going to work ?  The answer is, don't know.  The Government website last night said HMRC were 'urgently working' on a new system.  Hence the video conference on Monday (all those that have signed up, I will be in touch under separate cover)

2. Can I borrow from friends and family and pay interest ? - yes you can.   They will need to show the interest on their own tax returns, and if you are a company borrowing the money from an individual or trust, there needs to be tax deducted at source at 20% and a CT61  form completed every quarter.  There can be five (or more) quarters in a year.  If that's blown your mind, then perhaps have a quick word with me if you think it affects you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,  stay safe

Adrian Mole

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