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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 44

Whilst we are all getting a bit excited about life going back to a degree of normality, I wonder how long it will be before, just after the Jeremy Kyle show, we'll see adverts on daytime TV saying 'Have you caught Coronavirus whist at work ?  Contact us at Sue Emm & Phil Yerboots, no win no fee lawyers.'

I think we can all see that happening, And we know that ostriches can still get attacked by parasites even when their heads are in the sand !  

With this in mind,Julie from Unity Occupational Health( has been in touch - in her words - joining the trinity of unwelcome advisers (HR and Health and Safety being the other two).  

She has reminded me that being advised at the outset of returning to work might seem dull, boring and unimportant, but being on the wrong end of a lawsuit in the future is even duller, even more boring but definitely more important !  So her message is to take advice now before rushing back to work.

Something that has really struck me during this crisis is how people are rallying round to help each other.  Which leads me to Liza Jones at Abucon Management Consultants, long term clients of ours - who has provided me with a booklet for distribution entitled  'Emergency Business Triage'.  I have placed it on our 'positive accountant' website as a PDF download in a new 'Guides and Booklets' section

Remember, if you have 'missed' any previous editions, they can be found at

What are my positives today:-:

1. These Government websites are working pretty well

Bizarre isn't it...

A completely new web portal was needed for the furlough scheme

And another for the SEISS (self employed grant)

Add to that the technology driving the Business Rates grants

All of which seem to be working pretty efficiently. And each one written from scratch in about 4 weeks.  

Compare that with the glitches that still exist in the Self Assessment system (introduced over 20 years ago !), the MTD VAT filing (introduced last year after extensive testing).

I think you can see where I'm coming from...

2.  I can cook, without fear of tomorrow

I love cooking.  And anyone who has had the misfortune of eating the results will know that Ialwayscook with garlic.

Tonight was no exception, but for once on a weekday I wasn't worried about who I might be meeting tomorrow.   Not even Vampires can detect it over a Zoom call !

3.More Bounceback Loan Banks are available

The bounce back loan is the one that is interest free for a year then 2.5%, Government guaranteed...It's the one that I keep asking why anyone wouldn't take one out.

The scheme is open until4th November,and the list of banks has been added to over the weekend.  The complete list is:-


Bank of Scotland

Bank of Ireland














Ulster Bank

The loan should be applied for with your existing business bank, if yours' isn't on the list above then an account will need opening first, beware as not all banks are 'open for new business' right now

What have I been talking to clients about today ?  

Reopening and how to manage furloughed staff has been a key discussion point today.

Is it prejudicial from an employment law point of view to bring George back but leave Harry on furlough ?  Or to bring self employed contractors in leaving employees on furlough ?  What criteria are you using ?

The general view - even amongst specialist  lawyers - is that whilst no-one really knows, but it is at discretion of the business owner to manage their business as they see fit.  But, what will be key is the business case for the decisions taken.  So it is worth keeping a record of the reasons for the decision ready for future defence, just in case it's needed.  

But isn't it great that we're talking about reopening !

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive


07917 338342

I'm sure agricultural clients will be able to fill me in here.  Whilst on a walk yesterday I saw an entire hedge shrouded in what I thought was a huge cobweb.   Today I realised the culprit wasn't a spider, the caterpillars are out and the leaves are vanishing !

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