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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 43

I know that many reading this are not going to be fans of Human Resource departments, nor Health and Safety Consultants.  (Nor, funnily enough, am I...)

And I bet many are now either itching for the delete button, or at best page down.

But as part of the reason for these whimsical treatises is to be informative,what follows is important,especially as the world begins to start back to work... 

So, in the spirit of positivity, let's positively address some of these issues...

1. It is a requirement that a COVID 19 risk assessment be carried out.  If you have more than five employees it is required to be in writing, above 50 and there must be a mention of it on your website, along with a statement that it has been shared with employees

2.  If staff visit clients then you must obtain, review and presumably be happy with the client's COVID19 policy

3. Remember that employers still have a duty of care towards employees even when they are working from home. It is a requirement that a risk assessment be carried out (he writes, looking at his friendly four legged trip hazards)

And so it goes on.

The following is a link to the HSE guidance on working safely during the coronavirus outbreak.  It is dull, but important..

The following is a link to risk assessments for employers with employees working from home.  Equally dull but important.

I suggest that all those who employee people read them, I fear we will see some challenges ahead.

Remember, if you have 'missed' any previous editions, they can be found at

What are my positives today:-:

1. I've learnt a new word (WARNING - if easily offended go to number 2)

Yes, I just knew the warning would keep you reading...


Definition, waving your arms around and talking b-ll--ks.  Normally associated with politicians.

Thank you Peter for that. 

2.  We got SEISS right

I had a client on the phone this morning berating me for what I'd written yesterday about the self employed grant.

Quote - 'Why are you refusing to make the application for me.  What the [deleted] am I paying you for ?  My mate's accountant is doing it for him - why the [deleted] can't you, you lazy [deleted]?'  

So, his mate's accountant is also doing my ex-client's as well

Except maybe he isn't.

Because at midday today I received an email circular from HMRC reviewing the first 24 hours of SEISS with some parts in bold.  I'll reproduce the bold part

'However, we have noticed some agents are using their Government Gateway credentials to make claims on their client's behalf. Please don’t do this. It will trigger a fraud alert and will result in delays to receiving payment.

If you have claimed on a client’s behalf already, their payment may be delayed. If your clients are affected, they will have to contact us separately to resolve this.'

The only disappointment is he'll never read this as I've deleted him from my mailing list 

3.I didn't win aTaxation award

Normal accountants get really excited about today, as it's the day of theTaxation awards ceremony. Sort of like the Oscars but without any glamour.

The awards are open for anybody who has enough time to go through the application form.  It's normally a black tie event that becomes a black hole event.  (Believe me, a roomful of drunk accountants sucks the charisma out of a city quicker thananythingStephen Hawking ever wrote about)

So you won't be surprised to hear that I've never entered.

This year is an online ceremony, the winner in the 'Outstanding Contribution to Tax' Award went to HMRC.  Seriously ?  Who the heck voted for that ?

My preferred award is a client saying to me 'I've got a friend looking for a really good accountant, will you take them on ?'.  And I got one of those today instead

What have I been talking to clients about today ?  

It's funny how trends seem to develop.  I've had an awful lot of discussion today aboutwebsites and how to take businesses online

It's probably true that few of those reading would know how to create a website from scratch, and those of us that do - probably using one of the simple templated packages - can't get the best out of it.

Which is where the professionals come in.  Unfortunately, so do some 'less than professionals.'

Issues include excessively high prices, over-engineered specifications.  Who owns the website - the person paying or the person designing ?  Monthly retainers for agreed maintenance that never seem to quite be enough, leading to extra charges.  Oh, and locking the site user out, meaning that even simple administrative changes can only be made by the web designer.

All seem to be common, and, if I'm honest, all of the above I have myself fallen victim to over the years.  

Let's be careful out there, and perhaps manage web-designers professionally - maybe only go to the ones that are recommended by friends and colleagues.  I promise to return to this subject very soon...

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive


07917 338342

Please - if you do read this far and feel inspired to forward it to anyone and everyone, please do so.    

Warning - trip hazard.   Must be avoided at all costs when working (especially if you're a pheasant)

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