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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 42

Edition 42, isn't that number the answer to life, the universe and everything ?  Which then begged 'what was the question', hence the Earth.  Or at least that is what I remember of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Oh yes,'Don't Panic !'was the mantra written on the outside of it.  All of which seems pretty appropriate right now.

The burning question today isn't, however, the answer to life the universe and everything, but the much more surreal one of'Do you have my Government Gateway ID and password ?'  This is in connection with the Self Employed Income Support Scheme which people are now being invited to sign up for .

So, let's answer that question across the board -No I don't.

'But', you're probably thinking, 'Surely you file everything on line and therefore must have it ?'  

The answer to which is 'Yes we do', but at the same time 'No, we use our own agent gateway and password, the same one that we use for each and every client.  We don'teverfile using your individual gateways'

And the next question is - 'Why aren't you helping us, why aren't you filing these for us, taking away all this hassle?'  

To which the answer is 'We'd love to, honest.  It would be quicker for us to do it than it would be to field all these calls.  But HMRC won't let agents do it, they have - in their wisdom - restricted access to the system only to individual taxpayers'.  

In fact HMRC have gone public and said if we try and make it for you they will treat the claim as fraudulent. So, sorry you're on your own !

The full guide can be found at

Assuming that youdon't know or don't have your Gateway ID or password, then go to

- Select HMRC Services:'sign in or register'

- Click the green 'Sign In' button

- Scroll to the bottom of the next page and select 'Continue to your account'

- Click on the 'Create Sign in details' under the sign in button

If you think you havehad one but forgotten it,there are three options to select on this page, all of which are self explanatory

For those embarking on this - good luck...

Remember, if you have 'missed' any previous editions, they can be found at

What are my positives today:-:

1. Extra banks are coming on stream for Bounceback Loans

The bounce back loans are the ones that are secured by the Government, interest free for the first year, limited to the lower of £50,000 and 25% of turnover.

My view has always been flippant on these 'why wouldn't you take one out'.

But it was surpassed this afternoon by a bank manager (who I'll leave anonymous).  His words were 'They might as well just give it away'

We now have Starling Bank, Coop and TSB added to the approved list of lenders.  

As to feedback of how long it is taking to get them through, it seems that about a week is the average, although not having a business account is proving to add a stumbling block to the process.  

2.  The Self Employed Income Support Scheme Portal is open by invitation

Good news.  But I'll keep the champagne on ice until I've seen how many people get through the application process without significant help.

3.My suits still fit

I had a reason to wear a suit today, and yes it still fitted.  

And I can still remember how to tie a tie.

Shame I've forgotten how to drive...

What have I been talking to clients about today ?  

Universally, almost every call was around the SEISS scheme (see above).  When checking eligibility there is an appeal process, and it's surprising how helpful HMRC have been.

I had two or three clients who wouldn't qualify under the 'rules' but who HMRC have applied discretion to.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay positive


07917 338342

Please - if you do read this far and feel inspired to forward it to anyone and everyone, please do so.    

Yes !  It's open.  The good people from miles around can breathe a sign of relief (Editions 3 and 40 refer)

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