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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 4

Updated: Aug 5

The Positive Accountant - Vol 1, Ed 4

Somebody asked me today why I'm doing this.

Let me indulge you with a story.

Just after 9/11 the world was a depressing place, the stock markets were falling, war and a recession looked likely.  I hadn't been a partner of my then firm for very long, had been married less than a year and had just moved house with an enormous mortgage.  

I met up for a beer with a good friend, and (even by then) long term client who, for want of a better name, I'll call 'Russell'.  

He asked how things were and I started my tale of woe.  

At which point 'Russell' laid into me with a ferocity that only a five foot tall ex Rugby player can do.  He told me that as a Business Leader (capital B, capital L) my job was to lead, inspire and drive things forward.  Not depress and talk all my clients into a recession.

So there you are.  You can all blame Russell for your clogged inboxes !

What are my positives today:-

1. School's Out.    Now, I know that's bad news for many and desperately worrying for those who should have been taking exams this summer. But I'll get to see my girls more ! Whether they see that as a positive ismuchmore debatable...

2.  I've seen a Business Saved !On Monday I met with Richard and Michelle (not their real names) who run a business specifically aimed at the Over 70's.  They were ready to throw the towel in, mainly around the fact that their lease required 12 months notice to cease.  This requirement, if they quit now, would use up all their cash.  By delaying even by a month they wouldn't have enough cash to pay off the lease commitment.  We agreed they would speak to the landlord - I heard today the landlord has reduced the notice period to three months, the business lives !

3. I've not been turned into a Horcrux.

Lizzie, my 16 year old, Harry Potter loving daughter was looking for me this morning.  All she could find  was an empty wine glass and an empty coffee mug.   She couldn't work out whether I'd transfigured into one or been Horcruxed into the other. (To answer her question, I apparated right next to her.)

One from

someone else- Erin, of Addy's Vintage (Vintage and Antique jewellery online), who says'Not only did we manage to bag a grocery order slot this week, they just delivered everything we requested except rice!!  I'm so excited!'

I also thought to might be helpful to share with you a couple morecommon concerns and issues that I'm talking to clients about.

1. Do you have to pay an employee whilst they are taking time off to look after a child ? The answer is no, not according to the law, unless the employment contract specifies it.  You are obliged to give the time but not pay for it.

2.The 80% funding of staff wages- this is great,  it will offer a much needed lifeline to many households - also enabling businesses to keep their staff 'on hold' ready for reopening.  I just wish there was more information immediately available on all these Government initiatives - at this moment we've heard the Chancellor but the official channels as to how to claim it all say 'More detailed information to follow'.  It sounds like it is being administered by HMRC, which makes sense as they have the payroll information,  but I don't know any more than that.

The weekend beckons,  stay safe

Adrian Mole

Karen, Abbey Fire & Security replied to me with the following:-

'An accountant with a sense of humour….next you will be sending us a YouTube of  you playing the ukulele!!.'

Um, that will be a no.  

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