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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 39

Oh dear, I have caused myself some marital strife as a result of my last edition. I said I would be saving 'a fortune' on flowers.  That statement was based on flowers costing £15 from Tesco, whereas broccoli is about £1.50. Debbie has asked me to point out that £27 per annum is hardly 'a fortune'. Mind you, Steve (name changed to protect the less-than-innocent) has pointed out that most petrol stations sell flowers at significantly less than £15 per bunch. I think I need to move on quickly... Remember, if you have 'missed' any previous editions, they can be found at What are my positives today:-: 1.  You can use herbs as well as vegetables in place of flowers. Erin has pointed this out to me, enclosing the photo below I applied a bit of licence to her email to end up with the following:- Herbs work well too Coriander and mint They’re better than flowers Especially when skint 2.  Shakespeare was right ! Fellow poet, William Shakespeare, correctly predicted the impact of working from home in his Scottish play. I had to study that particular work for 'O' Level (I know, that dates me) Eng Lit.  Act 2 Scene 3 sees the Porter saying to Macduff about drink... 'It provides the desire, but it takes away the performance'.   As a teenager I thought I knew what that referred to, but I now have a deeper understanding.  Shakespeare was surely talking about going back to the computer after a glass of wine over supper in lockdown ? (Please tell me I'm not alone ?) And what am I talking to clients about  ?   "What, is it a bank holiday ?"  I've had four people call me today who weren't aware that today was a bank holiday.  Which is my third positive, added to which it's been a lovely day ! Stay safe, stay positive ! Adrian 07917 338342   "Say it with Herbs"

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