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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 34

Are we seeing the slightest chink of a relaxation of lockdown ?  Are we going to hear more next week ?

One thing that's for certain, we're not going to see a return to what we would have called normality.  Whether that is 2m social distancing, or the wearing of masks, we're going to see a very different environment.

With that in mind it is well worth thinking how you can change your businesses to adapt to the new normal - we've seen how the supermarkets are dealing with this.  If you are a restaurant, how will your layout be affected with 2m gaps between tables ? That probably means fewer diners, if so what does the new staffing need to be ?

Does your office lend itself to 2m social distancing between workers ?  (Ours probably doesn't). A rethink about the layout or timing of work hours may be needed.

Hotdesking is probably a thing of the past, unless deep cleaning of the desks is taking place on a daily basis

Standard opening hours probably don't work, you maybe need to have staggered start and finish times.

And so the list goes on.  Much food for thought here.

Remember, if you have 'missed' any previous editions, they can be found at

What are my positives today:-:

1. We don't always mean what we say

At the end of a conference call this afternoon, we were looking to arrange a follow up.  We each turned to our diaries, whereupon the client, let's call him Phil, says the following immortal words 'I've got nothing on'.  

Which made me extremely glad that his webcam wasn't working.

2.  Streaming music

As I'm working from home I'm listening to more music.  And it's a great chance to listen to all those classic tracks.  You know, the songs where you can actually hear the words.

I doubt very much that, even had they been open, a record store (a what ?) would still stock the Greatest Hits of Adam and the Ants.  Yet saying 'Alexa, play some classic 80's' does just that...

3. The weekend is here 

But Monday isn't a bank holiday.  Bank holiday Monday is now on Friday -what a surreal world we live in.

And what am I talking to clients about  ?  

I've been speaking to a couple of clients today who are doing OK.  

Their businesses are not really affected by what's going on (in fact, one is booming), they have stayed safe and secretly enjoying the solitude of lockdown, not really wanting to admit to it.  

Which brought to mind a story which has a number of business morals.  As the weekend beckons, I hope you will forgive me going off on a tiny tangent.

There once was a Robin, who for this purpose I'll call Roger.  Roger lived in a farmyard.  It was a cold December night and on the way home Roger found himself in a snowstorm.  On final approach to his nest he was hit by windshear caused by a passing Blackbird that flung him to the ground.

He awoke a little later realising he was freezing cold.  In fact he was hypothermic.  He closed his little eyes and drifted off, ready to pass to the nesting ground in the sky.

Just then a cow walked past, and with an almighty rumble ejected the digested remains of her dinner onto poor little Roger.  If it doesn't rain it, err, poo's

Despite being buried, the warmth of his new 'environment' brought him round.  It was just like a muddy Jacuzzi !.  In fact, he began to feel quite chirpy.   He started to sing.

But, the farm cat was walking past and, intrigued, investigated.  With one swipe he grabbed Roger and ate him.   

Which brings me to the moral of this story, which I'll call Roger's epitaph...

1. Not everyone who poo's on you does it deliberately, nor to cause you harm

2. Sometimes being poo'd upon can have a positive, if unexpected side effect

3. If you are in the poo but enjoying it, perhaps best not to sing about it

4. Not everyone who gets you out if the poo has your best interests at heart

(I should add that a week later the farm cat died of food poisoning - the moral being that if you see a pile of singing poo, perhaps best to leave it alone...)

On that note, have a good weekend


07917 338342

Here's Roger the Robin in happier days

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