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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 3

This is now getting habit forming. And from my inbox it sounds like I'm hitting a note (which is rather more than any of my old music teachers would ever have expected) So with the weight of expectation bearing down on me, off we go. What are my positives today:- 1.  We have a really pretty garden, with all our spring bulbs out.    And the sun shone on them (briefly), see below.  I'm sure I wouldn't normally have noticed. 2.  There is a really good Chinese Takeaway 87 seconds from our front door.  It's closed for three weeks which is desperately sad.  But the positive is that we'll appreciate it more when it reopens.  In the meantime, I have been worried that we might overindulge whilst being home based.  No chance of that which must be a good thing ?  3. I didn't crash the car.  Two minutes from home this morning (school run)  I'd forgotten something (a child - long story) so U turned.  In between me driving down the road and then returning up the same road a minute later a car had lost control, skidded across the road before ending in a ditch.  If I'd left home 20 seconds later it would have been head on.  Oh, the other good thing, nothing was hurt except an ageing Golf and a young lad's ego...   One from someone else - Jane, of Horse IT, who says 'Working with the horses hasn't changed much - still dealing with sh** every morning'. Bit like most of us then ! I also thought to might be helpful to share with you a couple more common concerns and issues that I'm talking to clients about. 1. Don't rely on your bank to help.  If there are bankers reading this, sorry !.  But one client today told me they were going to be able to pay next week's wages by doubling their overdraft.  'Our bank manager is always really supportive - haven't spoken to him yet but I'm sure it'll be fine'. But with the support staff all working form home, with or without functioning technology, even if you can get hold of your manager I fear there's little guarantee the funds will be in place in time... 2. How does the business rates grant work ?   From what I can see, the £3,000 announced at the Budget, increased to £10,000 this week, is being paid to businesses who have premises registered for business rates, but who get small business rates relief.  It looks like it is being adminstered by the Local Authorities, based on the records of small business rates relief claims.  Payments are expected to be made in April, no action required by the business. That's three emails without mentioning it. Until tomorrow, stay safe Adrian Mole

I think convention says I'm supposed to give the Latin names of these flowers.   Um, that will be,  Daffodilus Yellowas, Hyacinthus Pinkus, Blueus and Whiteus.

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