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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 2

Onto the second of these emails. I said yesterday that I thought it was a stupid idea.  Ridicule beckoned as the finger trembled over the 'Send' icon. But it went.   Then I went -  to make a coffee. I came back ten minutes later, my sound card was working, ping, ping, ping....I thought Apple's finest had gone wrong. But no, my inbox was filling up (like I needed that !!!) (Seriously many thanks, keep them coming) It wasn't the usual 'unsubscribes' that my tax updates get, it was people saying they liked it, somebody even called me 'Inspirational'...(I've been called many things before, never that !) So it did its job.  Yay !  So I guess I have to continue. So what are my positives today:- 1. I made someone happy yesterday  Not many accountants can say that !  I feel all warm and, no can't say that, I'll have to self isolate. 2.  I have reminded myself how many times in the past that I've said 'If the world would only stop for a few days...'.  Go on, admit it - you've said it too.  Guess what's happened.   If nothing else, be careful what you wish for ! 3. I sent an email with an unbelievably funny typo in.  Client responded with the question 'I didn't know it was regulated ?'.  The title should have read 'Statutory Sick Pay', my finger had slipped one key to the right on the second word..... And here's one from someone else - Cat from SASA Marketing thinks it's positive that she can work in her pyjamas. I also thought to might be helpful to share with you a couple more common concerns and issues that I'm talking to clients about. 1. Denial is good until it isn't  We're in a difficult time right now, we must stay positive.  But not like ostriches.  A restaurant believing that Mother's Day bookings are going to solve its cashflow will be disappointed this year.  Planning for the worst and hoping for the best is a good strategy.  How are you going to pay the wages next week is a genuine question that needs focus. 2. Look at online subscriptions - Last weekend I took a look at how many online subscriptions I had for apps etc, all of which seemed a good idea at the time.  59p per month here, £1.25 per month there.  (£4.99 per month for a GoPro app that is used once a year !)  It was an embarrassing amount of money being spent per annum that didn't need to be.  I won't tell you how much but it was into three figures and didn't begin with a 1...I'm sure I'm not alone.  Times like this make it worthwhile checking There, another whole email without mentioning it. Until tomorrow, stay safe Adrian Mole

As a result of my reference to better walks yesterday, Tracey from Suffolk Maids asked for dog pictures.   Here they are, Buster (right) and Nibbles (left).  Yes, Nibbles does only have one eye, long story.   But it's Buster who runs into things.

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