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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 14

Yesterday's post caused a bit of controversy, the hot topic was whether a triangulist (if that is the right word) uses a dinger or a donger to play the instrument.

I had no idea that there were so many musical purists out there.

In the end I think it was agreed that a bass triangle is hit by a donger and a treble triangle is hit by a dinger.  So there we go...

Suzy, good friend, multi talented musician, music graduate and music teacher has had the last word by sending me the following link to an article about Eric Hopkins , a percussionist in the Utah Symphony, who is aprofessional triangle player.  I still can't work out whether the article is a huge wind-up or not, but here is the link so you can form your own judgement

All of which made a pleasant interlude from discussing the vagaries of furloughing employees.

What are my positives today:-

1. I'm £30 better off.  I'll explain.  Those who know me even a little will know that during the week I'm rarely seen in anything but a suit.  But not at the moment.

Which means I'm working my way through the little known section of my wardrobe which I think is best known as 'Casual'.

This morning I put some trousers on that I hadn't worn for a while to find £30 in the pocket.  I have no idea what it was for, no idea what it's doing there.  But it's £30 nonetheless.

Only problem is, I'm not going anywhere to spend it, and even if I was nobody would want it !

2.   Chocolate cake, yum.  Lizzie was bored today so found herself in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake.  See below

I think she was going to ice and decorate it, but temptation gave in and between us we substantially demolished it instead.  

3.  Our Zoom call this morning was really well attended

And everyone behaved.  Not easy with more than 30 people participating !  

One from someone else, Julie who joined in the conference call noted how positive it was that Debbie and I were practising social distancing .  To the extent that I was in outer space (amazing how high a Cessna can get you) and Debbie in the Caribbean.  

For anyone lost on that comment, you'll have to have a play with Zoom, investigate specifically the 'backgrounds' feature.

What are the things I'm talking to clients about today:-

1.Self Assessment payments due July.  When HMRC first announced the ability to defer July payments to January 2021 they were limiting that to the self employed.  It has now been extended to anyone who has a July payment due for whatever reason - whether caused by self employment, rental income, dividends or offshore trusts !

2.Working from home expenses.  It has long been the case that if your employer requires you to work from home then a tax deduction can be claimed.

There is even a standard deduction that can be claimed of £4 per week without requiring receipts.  

We can agree that £4 per week isn't much.  But most tax advisers take that to refer to the situation of the laptop balanced on the sofa to catch up on emails.

Where there is more extensive working from home required - like now - then a higher deduction can be claimed so long as the cost represents the extra cost incurred (eg cost of coffee, extra power consumed, more uses of the kettle and bathroom) and can be backed up by documentation.

Whenever this is all over, there will be a claim to be made, whilst you are incurring the cost it's worth having a think about how much that is. It is worth passing this tip on to your employees who will  also be able to make a claim

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Adrian Mole

07917 338342

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