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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 13

The Positive Accountant - Vol 1, Ed 13

I'm not superstitious, so I'm not even slightly worried about this, the 13th edition.

If I believed wot some people do about the number 13 then this will be ridddled wiv typogaphical eras.  Az if !

Soo continuing regadless (OK, that's enough, I'll stop now, it's hard work), it's Tuesday (I think) and our strange new life continues.   I know I'm not alone with being disorientated with days, all the normal routines have disappeared.  Add to that the fact that my body clock disagrees with the actual clock by an hour and I'm thoroughly confused.

But still positive...

It's not too late to register for tomorrow's discussion on Government support, just drop me an email saying you want to join and I'll sort you an invite.

What are my positives today:-

1. I've had live music to work to.  No, not as in having a band round for afternoon tea.  My girls both love music and are actually quite good at it (obviously inherited from Debbie).  This afternoon I was working whilst having some lovely piano music being played.  If you were lucky enough to call me at the time you probably heard it too.

2.   The skies are safer.  Following on from last night's photo, one reader was shocked that his risk averse accountant might have taken a hand off the 'stick thingy' to take a photo.

So, as I'm not flying that must make the sky safer...

3.  The local councils are getting their act together ready for the business rates grant

Bury St Edmunds district are phoning all 4,000 businesses at the moment to obtain/verify email addresses and collect bank account details ready for the business rates grant.  

I was so shocked at such proactiveness from a local authority when I first heard this that I assumed it was scam!  But no, it is entirely genuine, the money should be with us soon.

One from someone else,Elaine from Newmarketsaid that her positive of yesterday was receiving her Positive Accountant email.  That's just creeping !  But nice to hear nonetheless

What are the things I'm talking to clients about today:-

1.A Strategy for Thriving !  We're not going to be locked down like this forever.  And whilst it's inevitable that there will be an economic downturn, not everyone fails/loses money in a. recession.  There can be winners too.  

So taking time now to assess how you're going to be leaner, meaner and buck the trend on reopening is time well spent, and I've been doing that with a couple of clients today.

2.The importance of tax planning. You don't need a degree in economics, nor be a maths genius to work out that all this support being poured into the economy is going to need paying back somehow sometime.  And we all know where Governments get their money from.

I don't have a crystal ball, but I think its worth game planning where you might be at risk of tax rises two - three years from now.

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Adrian Mole

07917 338342

Over the last couple of weeks I've made some references to the fact that I have no musical skill

Some people don't believe that, comments along the lines of "You can't be that bad, you're a professional dancer" have been made.

And I confess, I may have exaggerated my inability, I did once play in the primary school orchestra

Thanks to a Christmas present I am able to reprise my talent, as can be seen above..

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