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The Positive Accountant Vol 1 Ed 10

Sometimes a review of where we are is a good thing.  It makes us stop and take stock of what we are doing in our lives and businesses.  

Routine is good but sometimes can do with a shakeup.  A challenge to 'we've always done it that way' is the question 'but why ?'.   Yet that process is rarely followed through when we're all busy.

We've questioned a few of those assumptions in our own business in the past few days, and probably most of the changes won't even be noticed.  For example, I doubt anyone will notice that we can no longer receive or send faxes (it was an electronic service only, last used three years ago but with a monthly subscription up until today!)

One thatmaybe noticed is that we have scrapped our old 0845 telephone number.  To be honest, most people that we want to talk to either ring our 01284 845120 number or my mobile, it only tends to be sales calls that come in on that one.  Which means we're paying for something that we don't want to receive anyway.

But if you are someone that uses the 0845 number, please don't any more as it doesn't exist ...

Here's my challenge to you, can you find something like this that can save money and not be missed ?  Examples please, we might all learn something

What are my positives today:-

1. I don't have to go easy on garlic when cooking.  I love to cook - and always use more garlic than I plan to.  But until now I've had to bear in mind who I'm meeting the next longer, (until Zoom develops the new feature of transmitting smell) !

2.   The sun continues to shine   Whilst life may be on hold, there are worse views than looking out at a garden in sunshine, with all the spring bulbs out.

3. There is a new business support scheme announced

Which means I'll get lots more phone calls tomorrow asking about how it works, (when we still don't know any detail about how last week's announcements yet) 

I look forward to talking to most clients tomorrow...

One from someone else, Liza from Abucon Management Consultants sent me the photo below along with the comment

"It just confirms the world is still turning and spring is arriving"

What are the things I'm talking to clients about today:-

1.Furloughing Employees (again) Sorry for going back to this subject.  But with payroll date for this month rapidly approaching, I totally understand that clear guidance is needed.  Sadly, I'm not the one writing the rules.  Judging by web chatter I'm picking up from software companies, the payroll software programmers have no inside steer either.  

One of the key questions coming out is how do you furlough an employee if the business doesn't have the money to pay the 80% of wages?  The general consensus is to run the payroll regardless, file it with HMRC and then pay when cashflow allows.

2.Help for the self employed is (almost) breaking news.  Up to £2,500 per month is being made available to the 'genuinely self employed', based on historic earnings and then only if the 2018/19 tax return has been filed

- If you are a company director (ie trading your 'self employment' though a company), you arenotself employed.  It does include partnerships though

- This package will commence payments from the beginning of June

- It covers self employments where the income is £50,000 or less and more than half the individual's income comes from self employment.  It will work on an average over three years

- HMRC will assess taxpayers' eligibility and will in June write to those they think qualify 'inviting' them to join the scheme.

- Rules are being written and further information will be made available 'shortly'

Until tomorrow, stay safe

Adrian Mole

07917 338342

The above photo has been kindly provided by Liza, taken on her 'permitted exercise'

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