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The Positive Accountant - Vol 1 Ed 1

This is absolutely the stupidest idea that I've ever come up with, and there've been a few. But, you know what, in times like this maybe stupidity is what we need.  At least you can all laugh at me. So, I thought I'd write a few paragraphs of positiveness.  And maybe, just maybe, it might lead to a few more tomorrow.  And the day after.  It's an interesting idea, perhaps it might even become what my children might call a 'blog'. It's written with the businessperson in mind, but it isn't exclusive to them. And why, pray, would you be interested in that ?  You're probably not - the delete button is on the top right of your keyboard.   But if I can just reach out to one person at this difficult time, no idea who, and make them smile then that makes it worthwhile. So what are my positives today:- 1. Coffee at home is better than the office vending machine.  I don't know about you, my favourite is a large latte, I don't have the facilities to make that in my office, but I do at home.  And its cheaper than Starbucks ! 2.  I'm sure I'm not alone, but every (ahem) now and again I need an excuse why things are closer to a deadline than I'd like them to  be.  We've just got a bucketful.  'The file is in the office'.  'My colleague has the file and is self isolating'.  Not to mention one that I thought I'd never have to use again - 'The Dog Ate my Homework' 3. Speaking of dogs, the walks at this time of year tend to happen in the evening normally.  My spaniels had a lovely walk today, the sort normally reserved for weekends. I also thought to might be helpful to share with you a couple of common concerns and issues that I'm talking to clients about. 1. Cull the vanity !  Many businesses that I've known over the years have had a vanity project.  Maybe it's an engineering business that has a racing car in the corner of the workshop.  Maybe its a dance school that's been working on an app to teach over the web.  Maybe its a respray into corporate colours of a taxi.  Now is not the time !  Mothball, delay or scrap the idea. 2. Protect the cash - No-one is going to go bust because they run out of profit.  Businesses go bust because they run out of cash.  Know how much you have, know what's coming in and know when your bills are due.  There, a whole email without mentioning the damn thing.  See, it's possible. Until tomorrow Adrian Mole

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